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China: US interfering in internal affairs of other countries

Beijing, China Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed US annual report on human rights, saying the country is interfering in internal affairs of some countries including China.

Lu Kang made the remarks Monday in a regular press conference.

This annual report that the US keeps issuing to make irresponsible accusations against others has been an object of aversion for most members of the international community, China Foreign Ministry reported.

The China-related contents of this year's report are just like their previous ones, void of facts but full of bias. We have lodged stern representations with the US side and made it clear that their previous attempts to interfere in China's internal affairs and impede China's development in this way have all failed, and their future ones are doomed to fail, too.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting and promoting human rights. Since the establishment of the New China, in particular over the past four decades of reform and opening-up, historic progress has been made in China's human rights cause. For this, the Chinese people have the biggest say, Lu Kang was quoted as saying.

We agree that countries could conduct equal-footed dialogues and exchanges on the human rights issues on the basis of mutual trust so as to learn from each other and improve together. Meanwhile, most members of the international community, China included, oppose politicalizing the human rights issues, he added.

The American media Foreign Policy (FP) also earlier reported that human rights groups have slammed the US State Department annual report on the condition of human rights in other countries.

According to FP, the report has adopted a conciliatory tone regarding human rights violations in some parts of the globe, including Yemen, the Occupied Territories and the Dominican Republic.

The report also dropped the phrase Israel and the occupied territories, replacing it with Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza in a break from years past, made more controversial by the recent violent flare-up in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, FP reported.

The changes undermine the integrity of the report, which is used by the US government, lawmakers, and researchers around the world as a global benchmark for how each country treats human rights, FP quoted human rights groups as saying.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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