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Chinese expert: Pressuring Iran to hurt US

Beijing, A researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences said the US is helping create tensions in the Middle East by putting pressure on Iran, adding the issue will hurt the US.

Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Wednesday, Du Wenlong said the more pressure on Iran, the deeper crisis in the Middle East will become.

This is while all countries want to walk away from crisis, he said.

US administrations have always been thinking about military act against Iran, he said, adding that due to Iran's power they could not realize their aim.

Attacking Iran is difficult, Wenlong said, adding that Iran is not the same as Iraq or other countries.

Iran enjoys high capital, economy, capacity and powerful military infrastructure and is located in a strategic area, he said.

These factors have made US not to think about attacking Iran at the moment, Wenlong reiterated.

For this reason the US wants to put economic pressure on Iran instead, he said. adding that these pressures is making Iranian people and government more united.

In the face of excessive pressure on Iran, it is likely that the Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian people will stand up for Iran, and that the Middle East will be extremely critical, he said, reiterating that the US will have no way to remain in the region.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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