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Chinese media: Iran defends its borders resolutely

Beijing, China's media while echoing the shot down of American spy drone by IRGC, reported that Iran was defending its borders with the resolute.

Xinhua news agency reported on Friday Iran's view on taking measures to shot down the UAV that entered the country's space is a clear message that Tehran could defend its borders strongly.

The report states that the US Global Hawk UAV, based on the evidence in Hormozgan province and when it entered Iran's airspace, was targeted by Iran.

At the same time, the Global Times newspaper, affiliated to the Chinese ruling party, wrote that Iran has said it will not hesitate to defend its airspace and borders and will respond to any aggression with authority.

The tensions between the United States and Iran have increased since the announcement by US President Donald Trump in May 2018 of US' decision to exit the nuclear deal, the daily said.

The South China daily of Hong Kong also wrote that the United States did not just go out of this international agreement, but imposed a maximum pressure with sanctions on the Iranian economy while sending troops and equipment to the region.

The newspaper asserted that various countries in the world, including China, Russia, and Europe, have been calling for the avoidance of any military conflict while worrying about the growing tensions.

China's media, while broadly echoing the news of downing the spy drone, have noted that tensions between Iran and the United States have been a cause of concern for the international community, and many countries are seeking mediation to resolve the issue and reduce the disagreements.

Earlier, senior Chinese officials, including Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, have urged the United States to exercise restraint, instead of sending troops to the region and exacerbating instability in the Middle East, to take steps to stabilize the situation and protect Middle East peace and security.

At the early hours of Thursday, the IRGC air force shot down an American spy drone, identified as RQ4 Global Hawk that had violated Iranian airspace in the Kuh Mubarak (Mubarak Mountain) region located at Hormuzgan province, south of the country, the IRGC's public relations department said in a statement.

RQ4s typically fly at high altitudes to conduct reconnaissance missions.

Tensions between Iran and the US increased following the US breach of the nuclear deal and reimposing wrongful sanctions in total disregard of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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