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Chinese medical specialists arrive in Iran to help combat coronavirus

A team of Chinese medical specialists have arrived in Iran to assist in the countrys fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Chinese medical specialists have arrived in Iran along with a new shipment of supplies from China Beijing's Ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua tweeted in Farsi on Saturday.

According to a tweet by Irans mission in China a second shipment of Chinese aid supplies comprising of 50000 coronavirus test kits and oxygen production machines have also been prepared to be sent to Tehran on Saturday night.

A first batch of aid supplies arrived in Iran on Friday and additional shipments will be sent in the future according to reports.

'Worst of times reveals the best in people'

On Friday China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian said the country has sent aid shipments to Iran as a sign of gratitude towards Irans earlier assistance to China which has been struggling to contain the outbreak since December.

The Iranian government has given China sincere support and assistance after the epidemic broke out. We thank them and will remember that for always Zhao said.

Virus knows no borders but the worst of times reveals the best in people he added.

The Chinese assistance comes as Iran had previously sent aid to China and expressed support for the countrys battle against the outbreak.

Last week Iran sent two million protective face masks - the equivalent of one day of the countrys total mask production to help China address its needs in countering the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed Beijing's solidarity with Iran and praised Zarif for being the first foreign official to voice support for China against the disease.

The Chinese foreign minister also called for scientific cooperation with Iran in fields related to countering the pandemic.

Source: Press TV

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