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Chinese vessels fishing in Iran territorial waters untrue

Tehran, Head of Iran Fishery Organization Hassan Salehi once again dismissed presence of Chinese fishing vessels in Iran's territorial waters, and said that 100% of the vessels belong to the Iranian companies and are fishing tiny fish over 10 miles from coast.

Salehi dismissed the presence of Chinese ships in Iran's territorial waters, because Iran has 50 to 60 vessels, which their shareholders are Iranians and around 25% of them are possibly made in China.

He added that aforementioned vessels are made in Iran, Europe, Japan, Thailand and China and upon planning from current year, building domestic made vessels are on agenda.

Salehi said the vessels are active in Iran-Oman waters as well as Pakistan and some of them may hire captains, experts or foreign fish hunters, because Iran has no know-how on fishing tiny fish.

He said that the vessels are active in area in a depth of over 300 meters and are fishing lantern fish.

Already, Deputy Head of IFO Shahpour Kakolaki also dismissed the presence of Chinese fishing vessels in Iran's coastal waters, and said foreign ships are prohibited from entering Iranian waters.

He added that hiring foreign workers is another subject, like a plane with a foreign pilot or Iranian vessels with foreign captain and that a Chinese citizen has registered a company in Iran and upon his contract is to deliver 80 Chinese vessels into Iranian southern waters for fishing.

The aforementioned Chinese citizen has delivered 16 vessels into Iranian waters in the form of rent with Iranian partner and some time Iranians convene 'hire purchase contract' for foreign vessels.

According to the statistics, around 300 foreign persons are working in Iranian vessels and totally around 85 vessels are active in the field of fishing Lantern Fish in southern Iranian waters.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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