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Cleric: People defend humanity by supporting Palestine

Arak, Secretary General of World Assembly for Proximity of Islamic Sects Ayatollah Mohsen Araki said on Friday that the Iranian pious nation defended humanity and oppression of the Palestinian nation through massive participation in Quds Day rallies.

Addressing ralliers in Arak on Friday, he added, The era of the occupying Zionist regime is closing its end and Muslims will eventually emerge victorious over the cancerous tumor through their iron fists.

Presence of fasting demonstrators in Quds rallies indicate their profound understanding about Islamic awakening and humanitarian concepts, as participating in the ceremony is a valuable step toward annihilation of tyranny and excessive demands of the criminals, he said.

Araki, who is representing Markazi province in Experts Assembly, added that's almost 70 years that the illegitimate regime of has come to existence with the help of global arrogance but Islamic resistance will break down the hollow power.

The faked regime is based on occupation, massacre of oppressed nation and displacing innocent people and that's for the same reason it will not last long, the cleric said.

Israel is a usurper armed band that knows nothing but killing people and robbing their properties and displacing the innocent people, he said.

Ayatollah Araki said, The issue of Palestine transcends geographical borders and silence on the global challenge is a big betrayal.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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