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Collective efforts way to counter global challenges: Envoy

Beijing, , IRNAIran's ambassador to China said on Sunday that challenges faced by the humanity have transcended national borders and created conditions which cannot be overcome simply with reliance on national strength.

Mohammad KeshavarzZadeh told the conference themed 'Silk Road and Creating Joint Future with Asian Prospects' on Sunday, 'Therefore collective efforts are only solution to do away with the global challenges.'

'Each of us is inheritors of history and experience of collective life and merely looking at the honorable past cannot meet our needs in the contemporary world; rather, we should learn from the past,' he added.

Joint human civilization is the outcome of continued exchanges and interaction among numerous groups of humanity which has emerged from dialogue and understanding in spiritual and material interactions, he said.

Describing 'BeltRoad' plans as an initiative reminiscent of the ancient Silk Road, KeshavarzZadeh added that the idea is based on peace, cooperation education and mutual benefit.

The ancient Silk Road met the economic and social needs of the nations and established dialogue and understanding among the nations and continued fairly to promote peace and trade among the peoples, envoy said.

KeshavarzZadeh reiterated that Iran is inheritor of big and historic civilization and it has welcomed BeltRoad Initiative within the framework of its peaceloving policies to contribute to international peace and security.

Iran considers BeltRoad Initiative as an area which enjoys distinguished capacities for building joint human civilization, he said.

Iran's initiative of dialogue among civilizations and China forerunning in BeltRoad plan will greatly contribute to interaction among the nations, the Iranian ambassador added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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