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Comedy should be taken seriously in Iranian cinema: Critics

Tehran, The last Persian year (which ended on March 20, 2018) was a year of correcting our perspective toward wrong definition of a highly-welcome cinema especially in the genre of comedy which has its large number of fans but lacks proper definition in Iran's cinema, said Iran's film critic Javad Toosi.

He argued that 'The Tenants' by Dariush Mehrjui or 'No Men Allowed' by Rambod Javan are exceptions to the above statement.

Another film critic Parviz Jahed said that cinema industry needs audience-friendly genres such as comedy or romantic comedies, but since there is no correct understanding of genre in Iranian cinema, it cannot be successful.

However, Iranian filmmaker Mohammad-Ali Sajjadi believed that genre of comedy is an obsolete genre in Iranian cinema, noting that nobody takes it seriously.

He believed that making comedy is in fact a really difficult task, but we do not take it seriously. Great filmmakers realized that cinema means entertainment and it can be shown in a film which provokes thought if it is treated seriously.

In terms of Iran's future perspective, Jahed said he is optimistic about Iran's cinema in the coming years, adding that Iran has several young filmmakers who have new ideas and can make films with ever-developing filmmaking technology.

He recalled his experience at a festival in Yazd where 400 talented young filmmakers were highly eager to make better films, comparable with the UK's cinema industry in which making films is very difficult for young filmmakers.

Sajjadi agreed with Jahed and added that Iran has a dynamic cinema industry in which there are several female directors.

He added that Iran is experiencing the genre of comedy very superficially and in terms of social and melodrama themes is enclosed with cliches and a conservative point of view.

Unlike Jahed and Sajjadi, Toosi believed that Iran is still in the trial and error phase and a professional cinema is far-fetched for Iran.

Source: Iran Daily

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