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Common borders control, Iran main demand from Iraq: Comdr

Tehran, Border Guards Commander Brigadier General Qasem Rezaei said on Monday that controlling borders shared by Iraq is the main demand of Iran.

Rezaei made the remarks while visiting the area where the conflict happened between Piranshahr regiment border guards and a terrorist group.

He praised border guards for conducting brave operations.

The brave border guards vigilantly and bravely stood against a terrorist group trying to enter Iran and inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists, he said.

Based on the evidence, over 4 members of the terrorist group were killed and others were injured, he added.

Controlling the common border area with Iran and dismantling the terrorist groups is Iran's serious demand from Iraq, he noted.

Iran is a safe and big country, and such cases cannot undermine the determination of the Iranian people, Iranian commander said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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