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Comprehensive development of port and maritime cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan

Emphasizing that the main purpose of this bilateral meeting is to facilitate maritime trade between Iran and Azerbaijan, Khosrow Sarai stated that by the pattern of trade in the Caspian Sea being changed and littoral states eagerness for container and Ro-Ro shipping, We aim to make the best use of all available transportation capacities.

Stating that Iran and Azerbaijan have always had excellent relations in trade and international economic activities throughout history, The Director General of Transit, Logistics and Agreements of PMO added: In bilateral meetings on the development of port and maritime transport cooperation in the Caspian Sea, we seek to introduce the facilities and developments in Iranian ports, to discuss development proposals in the fields of shipping, maritime safety, marine search and rescue and seafarers' certificates of competency.

Referring to the 80% reduction in port tariffs and tolls for ships arriving at Iranian ports, Saraee highlighted: Improving the shipping services in the ports of the two countries and prosperity of container and Ro-Ro shipping, is very important.

Also present at the video conference, Vamik Rahimov; The head of the National Maritime Agency of Azerbaijan declared full readiness of the Azerbaijani government to fully develop port and maritime cooperation with Iran.

“Proposed issues related to safety, training and naval search and rescue maneuvers are among the issues welcomed by Azerbaijani ports, especially the port of Baku. as Anzali port is equipped with an advanced passenger terminal, the issue of sea voyages is not under the direct authority of the Azerbaijan Maritime Agency and other bodies should issue an executive order in this regard.” Vamik Rahimov pointed.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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