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Comprehensive transparency bill approved: VP

Tehran, Iran's vice president for economic affairs announced the adoption of the comprehensive transparency bill in the government.

Speaking on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Mohammad Nahavandian told reporters, 'Today, a comprehensive transparency bill, which has been emphasized by the government, has been approved.'

He said the goal of ratifying the plan was to eradicate corruption, adding that with this plan, the maximum access of people to information and social capital and public confidence will be increased.

Explaining about the axes of the comprehensive transparency bill, the vicepresident said, 'Firstly, the people has the right to know what is related to running the Affairs, especially public properties. In the second axis, every citizen has the right to access issues of his or her own, the decisions that are about him.

Nahavandian went on to say that in the third axis, all government departments are required to protect the privacy of individuals and their information.

'All governing bodies in the executive branch, the legislature and the judiciary, and even private institutions, are responsible because the public duties are subject to this law. '

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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