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Conditions ready to establish union of Islamic countries: Iranian official

Tehran, IRNA – Conditions of the Muslim World today are more prepared for establishing a union of Islamic countries than the conditions of Europe ahead of the European Union foundation, Secretary-general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought said.

Speaking in a meeting with a Turkish delegation on Monday, Hamid Shahriari mentioned the stages of formation of the united Ummah of Islam as being preventing division, cooperation in the Muslim World, synergy between Muslim countries, and Islamization.

Shahriari floated the idea of the union of Islamic countries which is a Muslim version of the EU and Muslims can reach it through collective rationality.

Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia can form an Islamic Superpower against the Arrogant Superpower if they unite, the official said.

The union of Islamic countries is an accessible idea, Shahriari said, arguing that Europeans killed 70-80 million Europeans during WWII, but the achieved a union – the EU, and Muslims who haven’t killed fellows in such a scale and have common religious book, prophet and Kiblah can do the same a fortiori.

He also proposed forming a joint parliament of Islamic countries to legislate common laws while keeping sovereignty of Muslim countries in place.

The official called on Muslim politicians to avoid provoking division among Muslim nations by employing religion to come to power.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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