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Conditions ripe for Syrians retuning home: Envoy

Tehran, Syrian Ambassador in Beirut Ali Abdelkarim Ali said on Thursday that his country has prepared full facilities for return of displaced Syrian people.

He made the remarks after a meeting with Lebanese Foreign Minister Jibran Basil in Beirut where he rejected claims that President Bashar Assad has imposed restrictions on Syrians returning home.

He recalled the measure taken in line with repatriation of Syrian refugees, saying that Assad has issued a clemency for those refusing to perform their military service.

Based on the US statistics, some seven million Syrian people have left the country because of the crisis in their country, but as the conditions are improving in the country, repatriation has increased, he said.

The Syrian ambassador said that he has discussed Russian plan for Syrians repatriation with Basil. Based on the plan, first phase of repatriation will begin from Lebanon which hosts 1,500,000 Syrian refugees.

Ali stressed that Moscow's plan can solve problems faced by the refugees.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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