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Consequences of sanctions back to US soon: Expert

Moscow, A senior researcher at the Eastern Studies Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences believes that the United States will soon experience the adverse effects of sanctions on other countries.

Ilena Donnaieva who has written dozens of scholarly articles on the East noted, 'The United States has Implemented some of its policies on various countries through sanctions and imposing restrictions has turned to usual way in Washington.'

He said sanctions are applied in a way that will also damage other countries in some cases.

Adding that the United States had brought dozens of European and Western countries to support the sanctions, she noted, 'But they suffered losses in response to Russia's response.'

The Russian expert continued that for instance Russia banned purchase of agricultural products from its sanctioned countries and Poland lost its exports of apples and lost millions of dollars annually.

Donaieva pointed out that the new US sanctions will bring about the closeness and cooperation of the embargoed countries and this is a natural issue.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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