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Consolation of regional countries in Tehran on reduction of security challenges

Tehran, A security official expressed the hope that a one-day meeting of regional states' secretaries could achieve the desired goals of reducing security challenges and restoring peace and prosperity for the countries affected by the terrorist crisis.

Spokesman for the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Keyvan Khosravi added that a one-day meeting of regional secretaries and national security advisers in the region slated for Wednesday in Tehran under the title of Regional Security Dialogue, will provide a mechanism for joint efforts to confront and prevent the spread of terrorism to the Central Asian region with an emphasis on Afghanistan.

Referring to the idea of forming the summit in the trip of the secretary of Supreme National Security Council of Iran to Sochi on May to participate in the Russian Security Summit and to discuss with the security officials of the five countries present at the meeting, Khosravi added, 'Given the need for increased coordination among countries of the region the summit was formed by the Islamic Republic of Iran shortly after the issue was launched to adopt common mechanisms to confront terrorism as well as the extreme conditions that are taking place in this regard in Afghanistan, and its first meeting in Tehran will be held tomorrow.'

He pointed to the presence of significant and influential countries at the highest level in the meeting, which highlighted the significance of this development and the important implications that could have shaped the new security orientations in the region, saying, 'We hope that in the light of the promotion of common understanding, in the face of common threats and the will of the five founding countries, future meetings would be held with the presence of more countries and the source of deeper effects in the region.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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