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Consul General affirms consultation to facilitate export of goods to Iraq

Abadan, The Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Basra considers the country of Iraq an exceptional opportunity for Iranian businessmen, merchants and exporters, especially investors in the Arvand Free Zone.

Having said that consultations have been held to facilitate the export of goods to Iraq, Ahmad Siahpush noted on Monday in a meeting with Deputy Director of Arvand Free Trade Zone Organization, "The Islamic Republic of Iran's Mission in the province of Basra, Iraq, is ready to pursue the possible problems of Iranian businessmen and investors and companies based in Iraq."

He also recognized security and economics as complementary, and said that there is a good interaction between the two security and economic security organizations of Iran and Iraq on the borders.

Siahpush emphasized the need for increased cooperation between Iran and Iraq.

Deputy Director of Business Development and Investment of Arvand Free Zone Organization said, for his part, "Good coordination and planning in the field of services and transportation for the entry of Iraqi citizens with a visa by all executive agencies located at the Shalamcheh trade zone and the region Arvand Free has been done.

Seyyed Ali Mousavi stated that the export of aquaculture through Shalamcheh has been underway by businessmen and private sector activists in cooperation with the Iraqi side.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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