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Continuation of US disloyalty violates spirit of JCPOA: Iran official

London, July 20, US recent sanctions against Iran and its lack of commitment to the Islamic Republic are violation of the spirit and letter of the July 2015 landmark nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), senior Iranian official said on Thursday.

The US officials have not openly announced that they don't implement the JCPOA or will abandon it, but they take some measures to prevent implementation of the [international] agreement, Kamal Kharrazi, Chairman of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations told IRNA.

In line with its disloyalty, Washington takes actions practically to create problems for the JCPOA, Kharrazi said speaking to IRNA during his day-long visit to London.

Although the Europeans are committed to the JCPOA and support it, they have been faced with some problems created by the US for them, he added.

JCPOA is an international agreement approved by the United Nations (UN) Security Council, and any act leading to non-implementation of the deal, damaging it or withdrawing it will face problems legally and in terms of international laws, Kharazi stressed.

He added there is a disagreement about JCPOA's implementation even inside the United States as some US officials strongly believe that the nuclear deal should be maintained while some close to [President Donald] Trump say it should be reconsidered.

JCPOA is not for revision, Kharrazi stressed.

Turning to Iran-Britain ties, the official said London's stance on Tehran's role in the region is wrong.

Referring to British Prime Minister's comments in Bahrain and during the meeting of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council were not right and consequently have disappointed Iranians' public opinion.

London sells arms to Saudi Arabia while it knows those arms are being used to oppress Yemeni people, said the Iranian official.

Britons are against arms sell and have no positive feelings about Saudi Arabia as they know it the source of terrorism and Wahhabism but London still keeps on its relations with Riyadh just because of the former's economic interests, Kharazi said.

Commenting on his visit to London, Kharrazi said he is Britain to attended two research events and also attend a meeting at the Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to discuss Iran's policies in the region and he is to depart London for Paris, France, later on Thursday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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