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Convergence of all system elements prerequisite for overcoming chronic, structural problems in country/ Parliament’s support a condition for gov’t success in its policies

Emphasising the necessity of the government and parliament's cooperation to solve the country's problems, the President expressed his satisfaction with the quality of relations between the Popular Administration and the Majlis and said, "The complete integration of all the elements of the country's governance system is not only a constant recommendation of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, but also a prerequisite to overcoming chronic and structural problems of the country".

Speaking on Thursday morning in a meeting with the representatives of Sistan and Baluchistan, Hormozgan, Kerman and Yazd provinces, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised the serious will of the government to stay away from peripheral political issues, and added, "Some issues in the relations between the government and the parliament have made problems for the people in the past and this government will not allow the repetition of these peripheral issues".

The President called the presence of members of the parliament as a condition for the success of major policies and programmes in the country and stated, "We expect the members of the parliament to explain the efforts and achievements of the government to the public opinion, because these are not only the achievements of the government but are part of the achievements of the Islamic Republic".

Referring to the decisions and resolutions of the government in the provincial trips for the balanced and fair development of the country's provinces, Ayatollah Raisi said, "After seriously pursuing the implementation of the resolutions of the provincial trips, in the second round, we will take more time to design effective steps for the progress and transformation of the provinces".

The President referred to the government's plan to establish a fund for the advancement of justice in the provinces and added, "The government included the creation of these provincial funds in the 1401 budget, which unfortunately was not approved by the parliament, but we will include the creation of these funds in the budget bill again in 1402 to help accelerate the progress of the provinces".

The need to create jobs in border provinces and strengthen the livelihood of border residents were among the common concerns of the President and his guests in this meeting. In describing the government's plans in this field, Ayatollah Raisi announced the government's will to activate the border bazaars and added, "The Popular Administration considers the border as a valuable opportunity, the use of its capacities can lead to economic prosperity and employment creation in the border areas, and strengthen relations with neighbours".

Regarding the problems affected by water shortage in the country that were expressed by the representatives, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Proper management of water resources will be effective in reducing water tensions in different provinces. This was started by the Ministry of Energy to solve the shortages in the water and electricity sector, and this year we saw the lowest number of power outages".

Referring to some delays in the development of the power generation network in the past, the President continued, "Until now, the Ministry of Energy has tried to prevent the recurrence of the problem in the first place by using measures such as using the capacity of solar energy and separating the electricity consumed by large industrial units and heavy industries".

Ayatollah Raisi pointed out that the Popular Administration has not delayed the solution of the country's problems and has not depended on any factors or excuses, and to solve the problems of water scarcity, it is also pursuing big plans at the same time with proper management of water resources.

In this meeting, which lasted for three and a half hours, before the President's speech, the representatives of Kerman, Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchistan and Yazd provinces presented their views and opinions about the damage of the recent floods, the implementation of provincial resolutions, water shortage problems, the need for delegation of more powers to the governor-generals and other issues related to the problems of their constituencies.

Also, the governor-generals of these four provinces explained their plans and measures in their speeches to accelerate the progress of the provinces under their constituencies.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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