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Corridor of export services for knowledge-based products established

Shahrekord, Head of the Center for Strategic Technology Development of Vice President for Science and Technology, announced the establishment of a corridor for export services of knowledge-based products to support the export of technology products.

Ismail Qaderifar added on Monday in an exclusive interview with Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the corporations who are exporting their products and participating in the 600-millionth market of the region will benefit from the supporting packages of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and green routes of customs.

According to him, the issue of supply and demand and the specific corridor that presents new products is a good solution for the knowledge-based companies market.

In this regard, the corridor will activate the export services of the knowledge-based products by the department, he said, adding, 'We also support start-ups that can provide young people with employment opportunities in the business sector.'

Qaderifar, in response to a question by IRNA whether Iran's knowledge-based companies have entered ultra-lightweight aircraft? Said, 'In this field, a space company has succeeded in developing light and ultra-light aircraft as a knowledge-based company.'

Head of the Center for Strategic Technology Development of Vice President for Science and Technology pointed to the production of hybrid vehicles by knowledge-based companies, and said, 'In this regard, knowledge- based companies have entered and now samples of non-industrial vehicles are produced in the area.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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