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Countering US’ antiIran sanctions sign of Iraqi independence

Najaf, Friday's Prayer Leader of Najaf said Iraq's independent stance against US' antiIran sanctions is best sign for Iraq's power and independence.

Appreciating Iraqi President Barham Salih's position at the Mecca summit and Baghdad's stances against the US unilateral sanctions against Iran, Sayyid Sadr alDin alQabanchi described it as" the best reason for Iraq's standing and power in the international arena."

The cleric emphasized that today the voice of Iraq is loud in the Arab world and in the international arena, and this represents the power of Iraq.

He also spoke about the progress of political and security stability in Iraq and the provision of services to the people, adding, "Today, by God's grace there is a unity of word in Iraq.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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