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Cuba-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group urges expansion of ties

Madrid, July 14, Cuba-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group urged expansion of bilateral cooperation in various fields, including between the two parliaments, in a meeting on Thursday.

Iran's ambassador to Cuba Kambiz Sheikh-Hassani met with members of the cuba-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group in Havana and discussed bilateral cooperation.

The Group urged expansion of good relations between Tehran and Havana in political, economic and cultural spheres and emphasized the boost in parliamentary ties.

The political ties of the two countries and their cooperation at international arena are satisfactory and the efforts are aimed to promote the economic ties between Iran and Cuba to the same level as that of the political ones, said Sheikh-Hassani.

The envoy said that Iran President Hassan Rouhani, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif visits to Cuba last year as well as the 16th Iran-Cuba Joint Economic Commission, during which over 12 memorandums of understanding were singed in various sectors, were all indications of the two countries' resolution to strengthen ties.

Pointing to unfair US sanctions against Iran and Cuba, he said recent attempts by the US President Donald Trump's administration to oppose the nuclear agreement between Iran and the major world powers, known as the groups 5+1, as well as declaring new measures against Cuba, are again signs that tell us the US government is not trustworthy.

Pedro Victor Simon Rodriguez the head of Cuba-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group, for his part in the meeting, emphasized the necessity of boosting the two countries' ties and praised the efforts made to this purpose.

He also called for bilateral cooperation for defining revolutionary principles and values for the whole society, particularly the youth, who are exposed to cultural attacks.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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