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Cuban People Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro at Revolution Square in Havana

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans gathered on Monday and Tuesday at Revolution Square in the capital Havana to pay tribute to the late revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who passed away late Friday at the age of 90.

Cubans from all walks of life filed through Jose Marti Memorial where Castro's remains were temporarily stored, as well as wandered among photographs of Castro portraying the half century of his leadership.

Some mourners were silent and tearful while others were weeping as they paid tribute to Castro.

"He is our great commander in chief. He is our father, our guide and our inspiration. He represents the dignity of Cubans," said one mourner named Hector.

"It's a sorrowful time for us to mourn for Fidel, the leader of the Cuban revolution. For me as a young revolutionary, it is a mission and an honor to come here to mourn for him," said Emilio, a soldier and a mourner at the memorial.

Some Cubans brought their children to the ceremony to pay respects to Castro as the man influenced the lives of millions in this Caribbean nation.

"Fidel brought us the tradition of sports. He built many schools to promote our sports and our culture and to spread our artistic ideas. I think children like my son will remember him when they grow up," said Paco, another mourner standing alongside his son.

Cuba declared nine days of national mourning from Nov 26 to Dec 4 following Castro's death last Friday.

The public ceremony, which started with a 21-gun salute on Monday morning, continued until Tuesday at noon before a mass rally and state funeral held later in the day with the participation of high-level delegations from all over the world.

The gun salutes will last for one week until Dec 4 when Castro's remains are to be moved to Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in the province of Santiago de Cuba, alongside Jose Marti and other leading Cuban historic figures.

Source: Al Alam

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