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Cultural partnership, an important pillar of Iran, Pakistan ties

Islamabad, Iran and Pakistan are two brotherly Muslim neighbors that share common culture, language and historical background and cultural cooperation between the two countries plays an important role in bringing them closer to each other.

Persian language had been the official language of the sub-continent for more than thousand years and it was replaced with English when British invaded the region in 18th century.

However, the Persian language could not be eliminated from Pakistani culture and still many universities and colleges have been teaching Persian language courses at different levels.

Persian language is no doubt an important pillar of close Iran-Pakistan relationship and can play a significant role in bringing the two countries further close to each other.

It is pertinent to mention that in the month of Ramadan, two Iranian Tawashi groups visited Pakistan and performed in various cities including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Saqlain and Tasnim Tawashi groups also performed in the programs of various television channels and were highly appreciated by the public.

An important aspect of the visit of the Iranian Tawashi groups is that they performed in both Sunni and Shia gatherings.

The visits of such religious groups of each other's country can further promote the relationship between Iran and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Member of Iranian Parliament Ahad Azadi Khaw talking to IRNA said that Iran is keen to enhance cultural ties with Iran and has been taking different measures in this regards.

He added that there is a good opportunity to enhance joint cooperation with Pakistan in cultural, economic and commercial sectors.

The lawmaker said through Pakistan we can be close to other countries of the region also. He noted that China is also located in the region who played a very important role in making Iran nuclear possible so Iran Pakistan cooperation is very important.

The Iranian Parliamentarian also emphasized the need for enhancing cooperation in the fields of music, film, cinemas and other arts, between Iran and Pakistan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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