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Currency Fund for Iranian Expatriates ready to cooperate with Iran

Bandar Abbas, Managing Director of Currency Fund for Iranian Expatriates announced the readiness of the fund for any cooperation and investment in Iran, especially Hormozgan province.

According to IRNA, Amir Suzanchi said on Monday at the Third International Hormozgan Investment Opportunities Conference that the efforts of Currency Fund for Iranian Expatriates are aimed at the development and exaltation of our country.

He underlined, In Hormozgan province, we will build Telecabin from Port of Pol to Qeshm and Hengam Islands and we will turn the empty Island of Farour to the largest island of tourism with 8 hotels and runways.'

Suzanchi went n to say, We Iranian expatriates sympathize for our country and manage 12 national infrastructure projects.'

'Our country has 12,000 years of history and civilization, and we will build our nation with each other,' Suzanchi said.

The Third international conference on Hormozgan Investment Opportunities began today in the presence of 500 domestic and foreign guests in Bandar Abbas' Shahid Avini Hall.

At this 2day conference, there are many guests from inside and outside the country in the areas of economy, energy, tourism, fisheries and agriculture.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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