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Cutting military cooperation with Pakistan, very unfriendly US gesture: Pak analyst

Islamabad, A senior Pakistani analyst says that decision of the US administration to cut military cooperation with Pakistan is a very unfriendly gesture.

In interview with IRNA, Lieutenant General (Retd) Talat Masood viewed that the US seems to be in a mood to somehow punish Pakistan.

President Donald Trump's administration has quietly started cutting scores of Pakistani officers from coveted training and educational programs that have been a hallmark of bilateral military relations for more than a decade.

Talat Masood said: 'Yes it is a very unfriendly sort of a gesture and it defies normal explanations, I think they are not happy because of our policies in Afghanistan although Pakistan has gone out of its way to help them in the process and has been one of the major players in that but still America's demands can never be met the way they keep on pressing us.'

There is high level of frustration in the US about what is happening in Afghanistan so that is also reflected in its present policy towards Pakistan, added the analyst.

He went on to say that close relationship with China is a very important factor and Americans have been trying to oppose it for a long time.

They think that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a project which will undermine their strategic importance in the region and bring Pakistan very close to China, noted Masood.

The analyst expressing his views said China's interest in developing the corridor and its access to the Gwadar port has major implications for the US and it doesn't like that.

He added China and Pakistan are trying to cooperate in a very peaceful manner and they want to expand their relationship for better economic condition of their people. This doesn't really conflict with the interests of the US but they want to dominate this region, said the expert.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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