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Cyberspace can boost production and employment/ We need to have effective policymaking to prevent rumours

Stating that the cyberspace can boost production and employment sectors, the President said, The cyberspace can be effective in boosting domestic production.

Speaking on Monday at the session of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, We need to develop effective plans for removing obstacles on the path of businesses and production through knowledge companies.

He went on to refer to Supreme Leader's naming of the new year as The Year of Boosting Production, saying, The secretariat of the council must develop plans for engaging knowledge companies in boosting production.

On the recent floods in many provinces nationwide, he said, Delivering aid to floodhit areas must continue until all problems are resolved.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned rumours in the cyberspace, saying, Compromising people's psychological security is against the security in the society and we need to develop effective policymaking to stop rumours from disseminating.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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