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Daesh-Affiliated Group May Be Behind Cairo Blast: Source

A terrorist group affiliated with the Daesh terrorist group might be behind the deadly explosion in the Egyptian capital on Friday, a source in the country's Interior Ministry told RIA Novosti.

Earlier in the day, an improvised explosive device went off in Cairo, killing at least six policemen and injuring six other people, including three civilians; Sputnik reported.

The evidence points at an armed cell, affiliated with Ajnad Misr [Soldiers of Egypt], taking into consideration that the group has recently demonstrated its will to return to the criminal activities," the source said.

Local media outlets claim the attack had been carried out by another terrorist group, known as Hasm.

Militants from Daesh, outlawed in many countries, including Russia and the United States, have claimed responsibility for a string of attacks on security and police officers across Egypt in recent years The extremist group has seized large areas in Syria and Iraq.

A number of militant organizations in Egypt, Afghanistan, Libya and Nigeria have also pledged their allegiance to Daesh ( ISIS / ISIL / IS ).

Source: Al Alam

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