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Daesh releases video, claiming Ahvaz terror attack

Tehran, Daesh (ISIS) released a video on Sunday, showing three people who claim the deadly terror strike in Iran's southwest city of Ahvaz.

According to Reuters, the film posted on Amaq website, which is run by Daesh terrorists, shows three men in a vehicle on their way to attend the military parade held in Ahvaz to mark the anniversary of Iran-Iraq war.

Two men talk in Arabic and the third in Persian, saying Iran's Revolution Guards (IRGC) will be their main target.

Earlier, the 'Al-Ahwazieh' separatist group had claimed responsibility for the raid.

Experts say due to Daesh's futile efforts to carry out terrorist acts in some parts of the world especially in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist organization claimed Ahvaz terror strike to divert attentions from its previous failures.

The terror raid on Saturday killed 25 people, including civilians, and injured 69.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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