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Deepening of ties with Iran Iraq’s policy: Minister

Baghdad, Iraq's newly-appointed Trade Minister says that deepening relations with Iran as a neighbor is the policy of Iraq's current government

Mohamed Hashim al-Ani made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi, stressing Iraq's stance on not complying with the US unilateral sanctions against Iran.

He expressed the hope that the future trip of Iran's Minister of Trade to Iraq will expand the trade relations between the two countries.

Masjedi, for his part, extended congratulations to al-Ani on being selected as Iraq's Trade Minister and expressed the hope for the development of the trade relations of the two countries.

He praised the Iraqi people and government for their stance on opposing the US sanctions, saying, 'Iran's role in defeating the terrorists backed by the US and Zionists made the US to impose sanctions against Iranian people.'

Masjedi pointed to the willingness of Iran's private sector to invest in Iraq, and added, 'Despite the efforts made by the malevolent countries, the Iran-Iraq fraternal relations have expanded in various fields during past year.'

The meeting also focused on ways to expand trade relations as well as the appointment of the two sides' representatives in charge of following up the agreements.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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