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Defense Minister: US seeks to cripple Iran’s revolution

Tehran, Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier Amir Hatami said on Thursday that the US is to exert more economic pressures and impose unfair economic sanctions in order to cripple the Islamic revolution in its smooth path.

Addressing a group of army commanders in Sharyar, he said a nation who has devoted its best youths to defend its territory under no circumstances will give up and regards its main enemies to be the US and Zionist regime.

The Americans claim that they seek to put mounting pressure on Iran through very tough economic sanctions but in fact they deprive people from welfare and the Iranian people never believe the US' distorted realities, he said.

The US think-thank, Zionist regime and their allies try to urge the Iranian people to leave the scene through mounting pressures and terrors, he said.

The world witnessed that how the brave Iranian nation gave a crushing response to terrorists who target a military parade in Ahvaz claiming lives of 24 and injuring scores of others, Hatami said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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