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Deputy FM: Iran ready to deal with any scenario

Rome, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said here Wednesday 'We will vigorously defend the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the face of the US president's recent move and Iran is ready to deal with any scenario.'

Araqchi, who is in Rome in continuation of his consultations with European officials, said US President Donald Trump has launched a move on the opposite direction of the international community and the latter is now confronting it.

'We have our consultations and close contacts and we will never allow the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran to be harmed by Trump's move. We have prepared ourselves for any scenario,' the official said.

Araqchi said the esteemed Iranian President (Hassan Rouhani) has issued necessary instructions to relevant organizations and entities dealing with economic, political and nuclear fields to be ready for any circumstances that may arise from Mr. Trump's new decision and show necessary reactions.

As Iran has already announced, a probable US exist from the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) that may destroy Iran's interests will be met with a firm and appropriate response from the Islamic Republic. 'They will see how Tehran is able to activate its capacities and upgrade them to a much higher level,' he added.

'European countries are busy consulting with one another and with the US. Other countries are more or less in contact. We are in close contact with Russia and China,' he said.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister said under such sensitive conditions it is necessary to constantly consult with various countries particularly the European states that have special connection with the JCPOA.

Referring to his Wednesday's meeting with his Italian counterpart Vincenzo Amendola, he said both had good talks in the meeting. Araqchi said he was scheduled to travel to Brussels and Oslo in coming days before joining Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in New York.

Extensive negotiations are underway between European countries and the US, he said, noting 'As we saw in the Luxembourg meeting, there are differences of opinion among (European) countries. Some of them tried to impose new sanctions on Iran while the others opposed them.'

Meanwhile, Amendola tweeted on Wednesday that during his meeting with Araqchi Tehran-Rome relations, the JCPOA and regional crises like those in Syria and Yemen were discussed with both underlining the need to solve the crises through diplomatic channels.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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