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Despite problems, Pakistanis are a happy nation

Islamabad,Despite many problems, the Pakistani nation knows how to be happy and this has also been confirmed in a United Nations (UN) report.

Pakistan is a developing country and youth in Pakistan makes up about 65 percent of its total population which is contributing a lot towards making the nation happy.

Like other developing countries of the world, Pakistan too faces many problems at financial and political fronts, but the problem it had faced in past years is terrorism. Due to the menace of terrorism Pakistan has lost thousands of lives.

Despite these problems the people of Pakistan are happy and one cannot find bleak and sad faces in the country but happy as if they have decided to face the challenges through happiness.

Unfortunately the Western media always portray a dark image of Pakistan and the world is not very well aware about the situation of Pakistan. The world is getting information about Pakistan through Western media which is biased.

According to the sixth World Happiness Report, Pakistanis are the happiest among all their bordering nations. The report says Islamabad is 58 points ahead of India, 11 points ahead of China and 70 points ahead of Afghanistan on the ranking table of happiness.

The report declared Finland the world's happiest country whereas Burundi bagged the last position.

According to the report's website, the World Happiness Report was compiled 'by a group of independent experts acting in their personal capacities'.

Hardships are inevitable for any nation but the probability of facing them becomes even higher for Pakistanis due to the region in which the country is located.

Historically, this region has always been mouth-watering for the regional powers and it is going to stay like that in the future as well.

The second thing which is a good sign for the people of Pakistan is that government and armed forces provide maximum opportunities of sports and fun to youth so that they can effectively utilize their energies in progress and development of the country.

Cricket is a very popular game in Pakistan and one can see children and youth playing cricket even in streets.

Another reason why Pakistan is a happy nation is that they are getting maximum basic amenities of life like transportation, educational and healthcare facilities as government has completed many social mega development projects which increase the happiness level of people of Pakistan.

Family ties are very strong in Pakistan and the strong family support to a person helps him being satisfied and happy.

People especially the women wear colorful clothes all over the country which is a clear depiction that they are happy from their hearts.

The Pakistani society has a taste for music. Every part of the country or province has its own music on which people clap and dance.

When there are vacations people go to mountains and hill stations to spend some quality time. If one cannot afford to go on such trips, he can find many ways to enjoy even in cities.

The increase in the ranking of Pakistan among the happiest nations of the world shows the sense of optimism in people of Pakistan. It also shows that they are peaceful people and want to enjoy life so let them enjoy.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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