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Devil is in the Detail: How Trump’s Presidency Could Affect EU’s Eastern Policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is seeking to gain support within the EU, and with good reason: US President-elect Donald Trump isn't conceal his plans to reconsider Washington's foreign policy and change the established status quo

Poland now faces a painful dilemma over whether to retain close ties with Washington or to side with Berlin. For years, Warsaw has maintained partnership with both of its NATO allies; however, the devil is always in the details.

Speaking to Sputnik Polish, Adam Wielomski, Chief Editor of Konserwatyzm.pl, pointed out that Donald Trump's rise to the US presidency has obviously messed things up for European politicians.

Wielomski highlighted that the US President-elect has never concealed his intention to reconsider US foreign strategy, including Washington's relations with its allies, or, to "shake the rust off America's foreign policy," as Trump himself defined it.

"A few days ago, in his broad interview with Western European media, Trump, as they say, openly praised the UK's withdrawal from the EU and even spoke in favor of dismantling the old EU structure," Wielomski emphasized.

For its part, Germany, the EU's biggest economy, is willing to protect the bloc's existing order and is now seeking support among EU member states, he added.

"I believe that [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel is looking for allies within the EU," the Polish journalist assumed, "[she] wants to win the support of those countries whose voice is heard in the EU and who at the same time have good relations with the US. Poland, for instance."

Source: Al Alam News Network

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