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Diplomat: Australia committed to JCPOA

Sari, Australian Deputy Ambassador to Iran Timothy John Peterson said on Sunday that in spite of some machinations Australia remains committed to implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Head of Mazandaran province Chamber of Commerce Abdullah Mohajer in Sari.

Peterson said that Iran and Australia have half century (since 1968) diplomatic relations without any pause and this year is the 50th anniversary of the ties and Australia has programs to expand bilateral relations.

Although the two countries have around 50 years of political relations, trade exchanges level is not still in a desirable level.

According to the statistics, Iran imported 104 million dollars goods from Australia in past year and around 40 million dollars exported goods and equipments to Australia.

Peterson said that around 18,000 Australian tourists visited Iran's historical, natural attractions in past year (2017).

He added that facilitation in issuing visa indicated bilateral relations are expanding.

The Australian senior diplomat said reopening Australian Trade and Commercial Bureau in Tehran is another step to develop ties with Iran.

Mohajer said trade exchanges between the two countries is in a low level and added that banking relations, restriction in issuing visa and lack of exchanging trade delegations are among important reasons for low level of trade exchanges between the two countries, in spite of 50 years of political ties.

Facilitating banking relations and issuing visa and connection between private sector businessmen of the two countries are ways to bolster bilateral ties, Mohajer said.

He also proposed that businessmen of Iran and Australia to reduce financial and banking obstacles move towards barter trade.

Mazandaran province exported around 400 million dollars non-oil goods to other countries in past year.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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