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Displaced Iraqi Civilians Visit Homes in Recaptured Town from ISIS Militants

There were mixed emotions for displaced residents from the Iraqi town of Bashiqa last Friday as they had the chance to see their homes for the first time since its recapture from Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh / ISIL / IS) militants.

Located 30 kilometers east of Mosul, Bashiqa was retaken from ISIS by Kurdish forces in early November.

The Kurds are not allowing the displaced to return home at present, but some civilians could not wait.

Mustafa, 49, was able to support his family as he owned five shops and a clinic prior to the ISIS invasion. Upon seeing his clinic for the first time in two years, Mustafa looked angry and frustrated.

"Here used to be medicine for animals including chickens and other animals. All have been destroyed by ISIS. Now these are expired and useless," said Mustafa.

Mustafa said his six children used to wear decentest clothes in his neighborhood, but now they look like beggars.

"You can see my children. They look like beggars now. We lived an affluent life before. We had money, we had clothes. But now what can I do? Without money what can we do? Thank Allah we are still alive," he said.

In contrast to Mustafa's helplessness and confusion, Fatima was greatly pleased when she saw her home.

She kissed the ground in front of the door and prayed for a new start to life.

"I am really happy, like a rebirth. With the house, we can restart our lives. ISIS deprived us of everything. Nothing has been left," said Fatima.

Fatima cleaned the kitchen and living room in hours, but the stolen home appliances and generator, cracks on the wall, dirty stairs and messy branches and scorched lawn were all signs left by ISIS.

Source: Al Alam

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