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Diversey Announce Significant Investment in the UAE for Production of Oxivir Disinfectants that Neutralize Viruses in Seconds

ISTANBUL, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Diversey – the leading global hygiene and cleaning company – has announced it is to commence the production of Oxivir Plus and Oxivir Excel disinfectants in the UAE. With Covid-19 being declared a pandemic in the region, and globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified cleanliness and hygiene as the most important tools to combat the new coronavirus.


Innovative Technology for Enhanced Hygiene

Disinfectants have a key role in ensuring infection prevention and epidemic control. With domestic production in the UAE commencing at the end of June, Diversey will be able to produce significant volumes of the Oxivir product line annually to help in the fight against coronavirus.

Diversey’s development of Oxivir Plus and Oxivir Excel, is based on the company’s proprietary AHP® (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®) patented technology. Oxivir’s innovative features make it an essential tool to protect public health and in helping to prevent the loss of productivity.

A Key Regional Investment

Gökhan Özdöl – Diversey MEA Vice President Professional, Middle East and Africa – states: “We’re proud to start domestic production of Oxivir disinfectants. Oxivir is developed with Diversey’s patented AHP® technology, making it one of the most effective products in our range to combat viruses such as Covid-19. This key investment means we now have the capability to manufacture products we used to import and also export these products to the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.”

Safe and Fast-Acting Disinfection

Oxivir disinfectants deliver fast-acting, broad spectrum disinfection and effective cleaning performance for enhanced hygiene. To prevent the cross-contamination and spread of pathogens, and to minimize the risk of contamination, high-touch surfaces require more frequent and thorough cleaning. Oxivir neutralizes pathogens in seconds and is safe and easy to use. Solutions are formulated with an active component that is 100% biodegradable and breaks down into oxygen and water. Being a one-step cleaner/disinfectant, using Oxivir also helps save time. Diversey also offer a range of alternative hygiene products effective in every location.

A Global Commitment

In conclusion, Özdöl states: “This new investment in the UAE is evidence of our commitment to support our partners in the global fight against coronavirus. Our products are playing an essential role in ensuring the highest standards of hygiene to protect public health and will continue to do so as the pandemic evolves.”

For more information, visit www.diversey.com

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