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Domestic COVID-19 vaccine to be 10 million doses per month: Official

An official in charge of the vaccine production plan at the Executive Office of the Order of Imam Khomeini Hassan Jalili said on Sunday that the production capacity of the first Iran-made COVID vaccine COV-Iran Barekat will be more than 10 million doses per month.

The third phase of vaccine production to be launched in late June 2021, Jalili said at the COV-Iran Barekat vaccine press conference.

He added that Iran has been able to develop domestic vaccines with the help of Iran's young scientists.

Pointing to the third phase includes phase three or industrial production, he went on to say that this phase will be the mass production stage and the capacity to produce vaccines will be more than 10 million doses per month.

Earlier today, a member of the national committee for the fight against the coronavirus disease Minoo Mohraz said that Iranians can trust the domestically-produced vaccine for COVID-19.

She reiterated that the necessary technology and conditions were provided by intelligent Iranians to make vaccines in the country.

Iran’s Center for Contagious Decease Control on Wednesday announced the details of the COVID-19 vaccination program, according to which 60 million Iranians would receive 120 million doses of coronavirus vaccine in a year.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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