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Double standards in case of tankers

Tehran, The British forces in an illegal measure and contrary to the international norms and laws seized Panamanian tanker carrying Iranian oil about two weeks ago in the Strait of Gibraltar; the response of the US and its allies, as well as the Western media empire was silence. An international controversy was formed when Iranian forces in the Strait of Hormuz in Persian Gulf halted a British ship violating the maritime laws.

In regard to these doublestandards in dealing with international issues, some points which are considered issues related to discrimination in international relations have to be addressed.

First, the Zionist and Persian Gulf sheikhs' controlledmedia empire are busy in completing Iranophobia project, and in the case of oil tankers they are looking for inducing that Iran is undermining the security of international waters.

The British seized the Iranian ship without any reason; it was an entirely outofinternational law practice, which was necessary even for international organizations to denounce it, in which the Panamanian government stated that it will make a lawsuit against the British government in this regard, but the British ship was stopped by Iranian troops, faced with a controversy, in practice violated the rules of shipping.

The British ship had made insecure the route of the ships in the Strait of Hormuz from a highrisk route, opposite and turning off its navigation system, and later, as the incident became a disaster for London, they claimed that the Russians had tampered the navigation system of this ship so that the ship route would be diverted.

The second point is that foreign governments and media out of the USled coalition do not have the courage or power to confront, although these innovations can happen in other countries in the future; if not in the sea, on land!

The third point is that memberstates of the Security Council, because of special privileges stemming from military power, proclaim they have permitted to carry out illegal activities and highrisk behaviors, and they have been affected by illusion that others should follow the policy they are dictating, and underdomination states have also fueled these illusions.

Now, the clarification of the dimensions of these incidents has proved that the dangerous adventure of the British has endangered global security, in the context of the Brexitbased political crisis in London, and the international media quoted American officials and British have made it clear that this London's action has been taken on the advice of the Boltonled hawkish officials and is fundamentally political in nature.

Therefore, under the international law, especially in the context of providing security of international waterways and straits, the right of Islamic Republic of Iran will be preserved to sue the British government in international legal and judicial tribunals; the first one due to the illegal action of seizing oil tanker carrying Iranian oil in Gibraltar, which constitutes piracy, and the latter threatening the route of the ships in the Strait of Hormuz!

Those who sit outside the playing field have, in the face of two incidents, taken biased stances while the starter of a dangerous maritime game has been an unstable London government, and this is a dangerous practice in international affairs.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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