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Dredging operation of Khurmousa waterway access canal starts

Referring to the start of dredging operations of Khurmousa waterway access canal, Adel Deris stated: with 3.5 million cubic meters of dredging in the 26 km canal of this waterway, which is accompanied by multi-beam hydrographic operation, the depth of this canal will increase from 9 to 13.5 meters.

Regarding the benefits of dredging in this waterway, which connects the Imam Port Complex to the Persian Gulf and international open waters, Deris added: With the completion of this large project, the required depth in Khurmousa canal reaches 13.5 meters and the width of the route reaches 300 meters.

Driss also mentioned the reduction of maritime operations needed time as another advantage that will be obtained after dredging this canal.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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