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ECI president: ECO Association of journalists in near future

Tehran, President of ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri says the association of journalists of ECO member-states will be established in the near future.

In a news conference attended by media representatives of foreign countries based in Iran on Tuesday evening, Mazaheri elaborated on the activities of ECO Cultural Institute in the last two years, and added, 'ECI is trying to expand cooperation with members states.'

Stressing that cultural and public diplomacy are two leading kinds of diplomacy in international arena, ECO president said, 'Public diplomacy comprises of factors like journalists, university, sport and culture.'

Mazaheri also referred to the programs and priorities of new chapter of ECI and said the research-based activities are important parts of the new chapter of ECO Cultural Institute.

President of ECO Cultural Institute and the member of Strategic Council on Management of Development of Iran Foreign Ministry stated that public diplomacy's capacities were more influential than other kinds of diplomacy, adding,' These capacities must be used in favor of global peace and we always emphasized on this important issue.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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