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Economic security, vital for investors: Pres. Rouhani

- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said here on Tuesday that investors who undertake legal activities in Iran should not feel insecurity in the country.

Economic and businesspersons can rely on domestic capability only when they feel confidence and security, President Rouhani said at a national economic coordination meeting in Tehran.

He said this sense of trust on their part will help relieve impacts of the sanctions.

At his remarks, the President highlighted the important role the investors play in economic growth and development.

Two key factors in sustainable development and strong economy are to prevent capitals from leaving the country and attract investment from abroad, the President noted.

Enemies aim to hinder investment in infrastructures; meanwhile, the government has made efforts to nullify the sanctions through removing the obstacles and attracting the investment, Rouhani stressed.

At the end, the President described destructive psychological operation in forex market as enemies' move to disappoint investors and businesspersons.

President Rouhani had earlier called the US maximum pressure on Iran as economic war.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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