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EFID Hosted Photo Exhibition on Iran in Front of the United Nations

GENEVA, March 8, 2017/PRNewswire/ — European Foundation for International Development today organized a weeklong exhibition from 4th to 7th march in front of the United Nations at the broken chair, highlighting the human rights atrocities in Iran. Ms. Viorica Dancila, Member of the European Parliament, who at the exhibition said that, she is concerned about the women rights in Iran and wants to discuss about their health, hygiene and education, visited the exhibition.

The exhibition highlighted the following

    - Assault on the rule of law
    - Women in Iran face discrimination in all walks of life
    - Stop unjustified execution of juveniles
    - Honor killing common in Iran
    - Kurds displaced in Iran
    - Women lost jobs in Iran
    - Bahai community face unwarranted arrests, torture and imprisonment

Source: European Foundation for International Development

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