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Egypt dismayed with Ethiopia’s declaration regarding dam issue

Egypt on Wednesday described as misleading a recent statement by the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry regarding the Arab summit decision to support Egypt and Sudan over Al-Nahda dam issue.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry official spokesperson, Ambassador Ahmad Abu Zaid, said in a statement the Ethiopian declaration constituted a desperate bid to drive a wedge between Arab and African states by "portraying the Arab support for Egypt's just and responsible stance as depicting Arab-African dispute." Abu Zaid regretted that the statement included allegations that Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan had agreed on sharing stored waters and A timetable for filling the dam reservoir. Addis Ababa had also claimed, he added, that seeking Arabs' support by Cairo and Khartoum breached the (Cairo-Addis Ababa) agreement in principle, in addition to the allegation that Arab member states of the African Union did not support the Arab summit resolution in this respect.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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