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End of Gaza siege precondition for ceasefire with Zionist regime

Beirut, Spokesman of Hamas movement Hazem Qasem said on Friday that any ceasefire with the Zionist regime requires end of 11-year-old oppressive siege on Gaza.

Talking to IRNA on Friday which coincides with holding the 22nd week of the Great March of Return in Gaza, Qasem said that end of siege guarantees freedom of movement for inhabitants of the city and ease of transportation of goods to Gaza are among the issues which cannot be overlooked.

He also stressed making efforts to prevent humanitarian crisis in Gaza which has reached a dangerous level.

Qasem further noted that Cairo talks involving Palestinian groups will be resumed after Eid Al-Adha holidays.

Delegations representing various Palestinian groups are to attend the event which is scheduled to discuss Gaza situation, ceasefire with the Zionist regime and compromise among various Palestinian groups, he said.

He also recalled that the UN is also trying to establish ceasefire between Palestinian resistance movement and Tel Aviv.

Hamas spokesman hoped that the efforts would achieve a satisfactory result for the Palestinians.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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