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Envoy: Iran underlines friendly ties with neighbors

Tehran, Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait said Iran has always highlighted holding talks, peace, preventing animosity and establishing friendly and brotherly relations with neighbors.

Addressing a meeting to commemorate international Quds Day, Mohammad Irani said Iran considers constructive relations with Kuwait government which is based on mutual interests and peaceful coexistence as a pattern for relations with the neighboring states.

Referring to the importance of reviving Quds Day and liberating first Muslims' Qibla, he said Ramadan is the month of Palestine, month of retaking BeitulMoqaddas from the Zionist occupiers and condemning conspiracies to normalize ties with Israel and the Deal of Century.

The enemies of Palestine and Quds tried over the past year to raid the holy city and recognize it as the capital of aggressors, President Rouhani said earlier while referring to the recognition of the city as capital of the Zionist regime by some states, including the US.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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