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Envoy urges Nicaraguan students to study in Iranian universities

Madrid, July 25, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Nicaragua Saeed Zareh urged the Nicaraguan students in a meeting with them at Universidad de Estudios Humanisticos (UNEH) in Jinotepe to continue their education in Iran.

According to the Nicaraguan El Nuevo Diario newspaper, the meeting was held for the students to get familiar with the Iranian culture, religion, handicraft, and cinema.

Zareh said, 'We intend to exchange our cultures. We want the students, as well as the professors, to visit our country, and the Iranian students and professors visit Nicaragua.'

He added, 'You should know that Iran is a country with no war and terrrism.'

Iran has a population of 80 million out of whom five million are students in 2,700 universities.

The head of UNEH said his country was trying to provide the opportunity for the Nicaraguans to enable the students to study in Iran and the professors to experience a new culture.

He added, 'We have good relations with our Iranian bothers and they have given us a lot of benefits. And we are really happy because very soon we will see our students and professors traveling to Iran.'

He also said, 'We warmly welcome Iranian students and professors.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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