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Eradicating terrorism requires coordinated measures: Iranian diplomat

Beijing, In post-Daesh era, a successful fight on terrorism involves coordinated measures among countries to confront extremist ideologies and deviated, anti-Islamic thoughts, a veteran Iranian diplomat said.

Head of Iran's Foreign Policy Strategic Council and former Foreign Minister, Kamal Kharrazi, who was participating in the 7th World Peace Forum in China, said on Sunday that the rise of Takfiri groups, such as Daesh (ISIS), Taliban and Boko Haram, is the result of Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi teachings.

He said, 'Saudi Arabia had been trying to attract the youth from the Muslim world and even non-Muslim countries to the University of Medina to receive Wahhabi-Salafi teachings.'

'These students returning to their countries after graduation worked as Imams in the mosques set up by Saudi Arabia to promote Wahhabism,' the Iranian diplomat said.

'On the other hand, the chaotic atmosphere after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Arab Spring and the Syrian civil war, led to the growth of Takfiri Wahhabi groups in the Middle East by the financial, logistic, intelligence and training contributions of some Persian Gulf Arab states, and the political support of some Western powers.'

The supporters now claim they are fighting terrorism, Kharrazi said.

Referring to the efforts by Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian forces, he said that Daesh has been disintegrated, but the information shows the terrorist group is being relocated in Afghanistan.

As the spread of the radical group in other countries is looming, Kharrazi concluded, informing public opinion, exchanging views, coordination meetings and finding the roots of Salaffi-Takfiri ideologies are the collective measures necessary to eradicate terrorism.

The 7th World Peace Forum is being held July 14-15 at the Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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