Erdogan: Gaza is Palestinian land above all else, and Washington must accept this reality

Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Gaza is Palestinian land above all else. And the United States must accept this reality and no other.”

Erdogan indicated in a statement to reporters on board the plane during his return from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, after his participation yesterday, Saturday, in the emergency Arab-Islamic summit regarding the Israeli attacks on Gaza, that “it is not possible to reach an understanding with US President Joe Biden, if he has an approach that says that Gaza is a land that belongs to Israel and the occupying settlers, not to the Palestinian people.”

The Turkish President criticized the demand of parties that he did not name to characterize “Hamas as a terrorist organization,” stressing that “it is not a terrorist organization, but rather they are people who struggle to protect their land and fight for their homeland.”

He added, “We have seen once again how the United Nations and other international organizations become dysfunctional and blind when the dead are Muslims.”

He stressed the need to “modernize the structure that emerged after World War II, and the system of permanent membership and veto power in the United Nations must be changed,” stressing that “the future of the world and the lives of peoples cannot be left at the mercy of five countries that have veto power in the UN Security Council.”

Erdogan stressed that “it is not possible to take initiatives or develop plans against Turkey’s will in this region. Our positions, values and principles are clear and Turkey is a major country in solving the region’s problems, and it is the one who presented the most implementable proposals with regard to resolving the current crisis in Gaza.”

The Turkish President called on the international community to “take concrete measures against the massacres” in the Gaza Strip, despite the conviction that the UN Security Council is powerless once again.

Erdogan stressed, “There is no basis that serves peace more than holding a meeting in which all parties in the region participate, including the parties to the war.”

He continued, “Despite the governments of countries competing to embrace the Israeli administration for the sake of their imperialist interests, Israel has become a state that kills infants in the eyes of the people.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency