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EU establishes sound mechanism for cooperation with Iran

European Union Ambassador to Russia said that the EU has set up a secure mechanism to work with Iran and it will be launched shortly.

The EU ambassador to Moscow, Markus Ederer, said in an interview with Interfax news agency that talks about the technical indicators of this mechanism are continuing, and 'I believe' that it will start soon.

He continued, The new mechanism for cooperation with Iran will be implemented, given that the United States has imposed new sanctions on Iran.

According to the European Union Ambassador to Moscow, the mechanism for cooperation with Iran should support Iran's financial channels for Iran's exports of its products, including oil and imports of European goods.

Pointing to the significant progress made by special financial mechanism for Iran, foreign and energy Ministers of Germany, Britain and France, along with EU foreign policy chief, in a joint statement on Friday said, 'We are committed to completing this system.

The statement was issued after the announcement by the US President Donald Trump that the second round of sanctions against Iran is launching on Monday, November 5th.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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