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EU urges Iran, Russia to prevent further attacks in Syria

Vienna, The European Union spokesperson in a statement on alleged gas attacks in Douma, Syria, called on Iran and Russia to use their influence to prevent further attacks in the country.

Maya Kasyanchich said that a large number of unarmed people have reportedly been killed during gas attack in Douma Saturday's evening.

The statement added that the EU urges Iran and Russia to prevent further assaults in Syrian and ensure de-escalation as per Resolution 2401 using their influence.

While the media claiming chemical attacks by the Syrian government has not provided any document and international institutes have not confirmed the attacks, the statement accused the Syrian government of launching chemical attack again.

EU condemns use of chemical weapons very strongly and calls for immediate response by the international community, the statement said.

Protecting civilians should be one of the priorities, it said.

Earlier, an agreement has been reached between the Syrian Government and terrorist group Jeish ol-Islam to release all prisoners held by Syrian rebels controlling the eastern Ghouta city of Douma in return for the fighters' leaving the city.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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